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Molecular Dynamics Simulation, John Wiley & Sons, 1992.

  1. "The lesson here is not that you can necessarily avoid mistakes—mistakes are, after all, a powerful way to learn—" (page 23)
  2. "Something of fundamental importance is at work here and it is not clear that a simple understanding of all the parts is sufficient to understand the whole." (page 141)
  3. " … the numbers painstakingly extracted from the analysis must justify all earlier effort." (page 216)

Technical Style, Macatea Productions, 2001.

  1. "Nowadays computer software substantially reduces the labor of creating plots and charts; or, rather, graphic software reduces the labor of creating first drafts. Unfortunately, easy-to-use software may seduce us into neglecting graphic design … " (page 144)
  2. "The possible forms and kinds of chartjunk seem to be limited only by the devious creativity of the human mind, but if that creativity is momentarily lacking, then we can succumb to the convenience of the computer." (page 165)
  3. "In knowledge transmission the goal is to communicate what a writer knows about a subject. … But in knowledge transformation the act of writing becomes a way to search for new insights, new connections, and new interpretations of the material." (page 176)
  4. "Every attempt at creativity is a gamble … " (page 177)
  5. " … creativity seems to flourish only in the shadow of acknowledged rules of constraint." (page 180)

Lectures in Thermodynamics: Heat and Work, Macatea Productions, 2002.

  1. "Maybe it's not the material that's uninteresting, but your approach to it." (page 28)
  2. "Thus, it is the formation of multiple hydrogen bonds per molecule that makes water special—it was multiple hydrogen bonding that sank the Titanic." (page 59)
  3. "This is also a common ploy—not restricted to engineers—hiding our ignorance behind a fancy name and a Greek symbol." (page 94)
  4. "Murphy is always with us." (page 487)
  5. "To study only models and special cases, without growing from particulars to generalities, is at best only training, not education." (page 493)

Analysis of Data, Macatea Productions, 2003.

  1. "To engineer is to exercise engineering judgment—to make decisions—" (page v)
  2. "In this age of easy access to digital computers and smart calculating machines, to guess is quite unfashionable. But the only bad guess is the one we make uncritically." (page 5)

Thermodynamics: Fundamentals for Applications (with J. P. O'Connell), Cambridge University Press, 2005.

  1. " … in the continuing efforts to convert engineering students into effective problem solvers, more important and rewarding aspects of learning have been ignored …" (page xv)
  2. " … engineering (is equivalent to) the economy of resources." (page 4)
  3. "Truly fundamental concepts are permanent and universal, it is only the applications that go in and out of style." (page 8)
  4. "For example, our fairy godmother might present us with a complete functional form for the Helmholtz energy … " (page 229)

The Way of the Teacher, Macatea Productions, 2005.

  1. " … let's stop teaching the courses and start teaching the students." (page 15)
  2. "Education is not a spectator sport." (page 45)
  3. "People repeat patterns that are successful." (page 59)
  4. "Meaning is an emergent property of relationships." (page 84)

26 Devices for Learning Technical Material, Macatea Productions, 2005.

  1. " … we should continually seek aids that make teaching more effective and learning more efficient." (page 4)
  2. " … mindless practice is always wasted effort." (page 26)
  3. "When we ask what something means, we are asking how that thing is related to other things: relations provide meaning." (page 29)