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The Problem with Spelling Checkers

by J. M. Haile

Spelling checkers are not useful unless you already know how to spell. But rather than lecture, we provide an example. The following passage passed the spelling checkers in two word-processing programs.

In a weigh, science might be descried as paranoid thinning applied too mature: we are cooking four nocturnal conspiracies, fore collections among apparently desperate data. Hour objection is two obstruct from Nature (rite-hemisphere thinning), but many proposed pat-turns do knot in fact correspond to the date. Thus awl proposed pat-turns must be subjected two the sleeve off critical analyst (loft-hemisphere thinning). The search fore pat-turns without critical analysis, and ridged skepticism without a search four pat-turns, ore the antidotes of incomplete seance. The affective pursuit of knowledge requires both funk-shuns.

Calculus, Newtonian physicals and geometrical up-ticks was awl derived by fundamentally diametrical argue-mints and are today taut an demonstrated largely bye analytical argue-mints: creating mathematics and physics is more of a rite-hemisphere funk-shun then reaching it. . . . The creation act has mayor rite-hemisphere components. Butt argue-mints on the avidity of the result ere largely left-atmosphere funk-shuns.

This passage is a corrupted version of the fine writing by Carl Sagan in The Dragons of Eden, Random House, New York, 1977, p. 183.