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Postal Orders:
Macatea Productions, 217 Todds Creek Road, Central, SC 29630.
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Book TitleNo.
per copy
book cost
  Analysis of Data_____19.95 USD_______ USD
  Lectures in Thermo:
    Heat and Work
_____54.95 USD_______ USD
  Molecular Dynamics
_____69.95 USD_______ USD
  Technical Style_____29.95 USD_______ USD
  The Way of the Teacher_____19.95 USD_______ USD
  26 Devices for Learning
    Technical Material
_____3.95 USD_______ USD

Shipping in
US and Canada
Cost for
1st Copy
Cost for each
add'l copy
ship cost
  Books4.00 USD1.00 USD_______ USD
  26 Devices for Learning . . . 1.50 USD0.25 USD_______ USD

Total Payment Enclosed (check or money order) _________ USD

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