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  1. To compute properties of selected pure fluids, try the Thermo WorkShop.
  2. For advice and comments on technical writing, visit the Writer's Attic.
  3. Macatea MusicLab: Tutorial for initializing a Roland XV-2020 synth to be driven by a Logic Express 7 sequencer.
  4. Book reviews of nonfiction, recently published books.
  5. Check out the Thermo WorkShop for technical articles on basic thermo.
  6. The Download Center provides access to a growing collection of pdf articles on science, engineering, mathematics, writing, and learning.
  7. FREE: Download Macatea's Birthday Widget—celebrating the birthdays of 578 scientists, engineers, and inventors. The widget is available only for the Dashboard in Mac OS X; however, an RSS-feed version is available for all users. To see the birthday feed, click on this button:

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