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The following short review appeared
on the Small Press Bookwatch of The Midwest Book Review, April, 2007.

The Way of the Teacher

J. M. Haile
Macatea Productions
217 Todds Creek Road, Central, SC 29630
0972860215 $19.95 www.macatea.com

Written by science and engineering teacher J. M. Haile, The Way of the Teacher is a most unusual motivational and advice compendium for schoolteachers. The practical tips, tricks, and techniques are presented in poetic form, though The Way of the Teacher is straightforward nonfiction. The minimalist free-verse allows ideas and recommendations to be presented in nutshell concept, without an excess of verbiage distraction from key points. An excellent reflection and self-improvement book, especially recommended for teachers of all walks of life. "There is a time to lecture, / and a time to dialog. // Spend a little time each week / simply talking with students. // Sit down with the class / and find out what they're doing with the material. / How are they thinking about it? / Are they talking about the material outside of class? / Are they connecting it to other parts of their lives?"