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02 March 2005 . . . For immediate release . . .

The Way of the Teacher, written by educator J. M. Haile, is for the dissatisfied teacher: one who conscientiously performs the job but who feels that students are not benefiting as much as they should; one who wants to continue growing in the profession but who needs guidance and encouragement; one who aspires to master teaching and inspire students. Such teachers can be found at every institution of learning, in every discipline, and at every level of experience.

The intent is to help teachers improve. But no quick fixes are offered here: this book is not about the mechanics of teaching or learning. Instead, in The Way of the Teacher Haile tries to illuminate certain issues that teachers should resolve in their own minds, if they are to master the profession. The most unusual feature of the presentation is its structure: rather than a formal academic monograph, the book is small, of few words, and to the point. The aim is not to convince, but to stimulate: the book is not a map, but a sign post. Nearly every page contains a highly charged phrase that challenges teachers to think more deeply about what they do; e.g.,

"Let's stop teaching the courses, and start teaching the students."

The Way of the Teacher combines the author's years of experience in the classroom with recent advances in educational psychology and cognitive science. In the book, Haile deftly reaches across established disciplines to explore those difficulties that are common to most teaching and learning situations. The book reflects deep thinking about the plight of the student, who is often unsure of what learning really is, and the plight of the teacher, who is often unsure of what teaching really should be. The Way of the Teacher is available for $19.95 from the publisher's website.

J. M. Haile has 24 years experience in teaching science and engineering. He is the author of Molecular Dynamics Simulation (Wiley), Lectures in Thermodynamics (Macatea), and Technical Style (Macatea). He is also coauthor of Thermodynamics: Fundamentals for Applications (Cambridge University Press) and former North American editor of the international journal Molecular Simulation (Gordon and Breach, London).

The Way of the Teacher, J. M. Haile, 1st ed.,June 05, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 128 pages, ISBN 0-9728602-1-5, $19.95