1. Little articles on thermodynamics, including discussions of general thermodynamic issues, transient processes, and experiments.
  2. Tutorial Dialogs among an instructor and two students (Bette and Alf).
  3. Historical Time Line for thermodynamics and molecular theory from 1643 to 1975.
  4. A Lee-Kesler Calculator to estimate properties of pure fluids composed of nonhydrogen-bonding, nondipolar molecules (Disclaimer). Properties include
    • acentric factor
    • vapor pressure
    • molar volume
    • residual enthalpy
    • residual entropy
    • fugacity coefficient
  5. A Property Calculator that estimates values for selected properties of 43 pure fluids (Disclaimer). See a list of pure fluids that are included in the Property Calculator's database. Properties computed include
    • critical properties
    • acentric factors
    • ideal-gas heat capacities
    • vapor pressures
    • liquid molar volumes
    • second virial coefficients
  6. Links to a few other websites that provide thermo-related content.
  7. More technical documents are available at our Download Center.