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Articles on Transient Processes

  1. Transient Mass Transfer: the standard problems on tank draining and gas-tank rupture. [pdf, 109K]
  2. Combined Mass and Energy Transients: steam being added to a tank of water. [pdf, 102K]

Miscellaneous Topics

  1. Lissajous Figures. [html]
  2. The Chi-Squared Statistic. Unlike many statistical parameters, which pertain to measured values, the chi-squared statistic pertains to the frequency with which measured values are observed. Specifically, chi-squared is used to estimate how well an observed frequency distribution compares to the theoretically expected distribution. This little article introduces chi-squared and illustrates its use. [html]
  3. One-Dimensional Domino Effect. Stand a number of dominoes randomly along a line, then pick one at random and push it over. What's the probability that a total of N dominoes fall? Simulations show that the answer is, "It depends." [pdf, 180K]
  4. For extended reviews of recently-published, non-fiction books, visit Macatea's Writer's Attic. [html]