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The Science Lab
A directory of science-related sites on the web.
The Periodic Table
Much info on each element in the periodic table.
Thermodynamic Police
You've got to check out this site: We don't make the laws, we just enforce them.
Thermo HotLinks
Here's a rich list of links to energy-related sites around the web. Includes links to descriptions of steam engines, internal combustion engines, roller coasters, solar cells, thermodynamic toys, perpetual motion machines, and much, much more.
Conversion factors and unit conversions on the web.
NIST WebBook
The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) maintains a databank for thermodynamic properties of 30-odd pure fluids. Get numbers without hassle.
Gibbs Models
Thermodynamics is rich and complex, in part, because its basic functions depend on several variables. To visualize those functions, we need graphs in three, four, and even higher dimensions. Such graphs are nontrivial to create, but Professor K. R. Jolls and his colleagues have devoted considerable effort to making three-dimensional, thermodynamic plots accessible and appealing.
Chemical Reaction Stoichiometry
Balancing chemical reactions may not be as easy as you think. For a thorough introduction, explore this site by Professors W. R. Smith and R. W. Missen.
Atom in a Box
The quantum mechanical problem for the isolated hydrogen atom can be solved analytically, producing a complete, three-dimensional description of all atomic orbitals. The problem then is to present the orbitals so they can be visualized. This site gives sample results from a simulation program that provides up to 140 orbitals in animated 3D. The code is available as shareware, but it runs only on PowerPC Macs.
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