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1. Pick properties to evaluate
2. Select a substance
argonAr  kryptonKr
xenonXe  hydrogenH2
nitrogenN2  oxygenO2
chlorineCl2  carbon_monoxideCO
carbon_dioxideCO2  methaneCH4
acetyleneC2H2  ethyleneC2H4
ethaneC2H6  propaneC3H8
n-butaneC4H10  n-pentaneC5H12
n-octaneC8H18  benzeneC6H6
cyclohexaneC6H12  tolueneC6H5CH3
ethylbenzeneC8H10  m-xyleneC8H10
o-xyleneC8H10  p-xyleneC8H10
carbon_tetrachlorideCCl4  hydrogen_chlorideHCl
hydrogen_cyanideHCN  methyl_chlorideCH3Cl
dichloromethaneCH2Cl2  chloroformCHCl3
R134aC2H2F4  acetaldehydeC2H4O
acetoneC3H6O  2_butanone(mek)C4H8O
pyridineC5H5N  ammoniaNH3
hydrogen_fluorideHF  methanolCH3OH
ethanolC2H5OH  glycerolC3H8O3
trimethylamineC3H9N  acetic_acidC2H4O2